Business Ownership with The Medicare Resource Center


Want The Keys To Your Own Business?

Does a meaningful career that impacts members in your community sound like the right fit?  (It did for us!) Would you like to be in charge of your day and leave the cubicle workspace behind?  Are you patient and kind willing to use your computer-savvy skill set to assist Medicare Beneficiaries in finding suitable health care plans?  Can you retain information and recite it to others?  More importantly, would you like to continually get paid year after year for the work you do today?

As a licensed insurance agent certified to sell Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Coverage and Medigap policies, you'll be helping America's seniors make an important decision regarding their health care. You’ll be guiding them through the confusing maze of Medicare options. With 10,000 Americans turning 65 daily for the next 30 years, there is no lack of Medicare eligible beneficiaries seeking guidance.  

We Help You Build A Business That You Own.

We go above and beyond when it comes to your personal development. 

Building a book of business is complicated if you don't have the right tools and resources.  Our agents own their book of business and are paid 100% of what they earn

We don't believe in commission splits so everything you earn is yours. 

We contract you directly with the insurance companies and help you build a residual income stream.


We invest heavily in our team.  Sharing our expertise solidifies yours. 

Weekly face to face training is offered to ensure you become a certified, compliant, trusted and knowledgeable insurance advisor.  

We Invest In Our Brand.

Our consistent messaging and branding gets you in front of people.  

The arsenal of assets and collateral that we have created goes far beyond other agencies. We offer fortified agent web pages, social media content, a custom built CRM,

event support, educational programs and much more.  Our sales approach simply focuses on outreach and education which builds bridges to enrollments. 

Unlock Your Future.

You will gain a portfolio of products that specializes in Medicare,

complete professional branding and a team of seasoned colleagues who take the time to invest in your success.   Essentially we give you a fully functioning insurance business that you can run with. 

Come pick up your keys. 

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We look forward to contributing to your financial freedom.